Freelance office worker

1972-1998 Chairwoman, Board of management, Content Beheer:
  • 1985     Acquired Content Beheer  through management buy-out of Bayfine Ltd.
  • 1986      Content Beheer shares quoted on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange


1978-1985 Director Bayfine Ltd. London UK
1987-1991 Non-executive director, Aegon
1990-1997 Chairwoman, Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund
1990- ----- President Tóco USA
1993-2005 Member, Board of Trustees, Museum of Antiquities, Leiden
1994-1999 Non-executive director, Koninklijke Bijenkorf Beheer
1994-2000 Non-executive director, Endemol Entertainment
1995-1996 Board member, Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB)
1996- ----- Founding of Sylvia Tóth Charity Foundation
1996-2001 Chairwoman, Board of management, Dutch World Exhibitions Foundation
1997-2005 Board member, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
1998-2000 Non-executive director, Content Beheer N.V.
1998-2000 Non-executive director, Creyff's
1998- ----- Founding of Tóco d'azur, Nice, France
1999-2004 Non-executive director, VendexKBB NV
1999-2013 Chairwoman, Young Pianist Foundation
2000-2015 Chairwoman, Supervisory Board Gergiev Festival
2000- ----- Founding of Sylvia Tóth Centrum at Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (with University Medical Centre Utrecht board of management)
2002-2011 Chairwoman, Supervisory Board National Youth Orchestra
2004-2007 Board Member Stichting het Voorhout van de Beeldende Kunst , Foundation of Fine Arts
2005-2010 Chairwoman, Supervisory Board the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
2006-2014 Board member, Prologis European Properties
2007-2011 Chairwoman Stichting het Voorhout van de Beeldende Kunst Foundation of Fine Arts
2011-2018 Co-owner Museumshop Den Haag
2012-2013 Chairwoman Haags Comite 200 jaar Koninkrijk, Commitee of the Hague Bicentennial of the Kingdom
2012- ----- Founder Tóco Immobilier South of France
2012-2015 Founder International website for houses in France
2012- ----- Member Board of Directors Budapest Festival Orchestra
2014- ----- Honorary Chairwoman, Young Pianist Foundation
2016- ----- Sylvia Tóth Composition Fund, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
2018- ----- Member Board of Directors New York Philharmonic Orchestra
2018 - ----- Vice President International Conducting Competition Rotterdam